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About Me

I am Yolanda Morabito and I created Serenity Love Healing Centre out of my own search for Love, Healing and Truth. Although I am a practitioner for Spiritual Healing, Counselling and Kinesiology, much of my healing ability has been transformed through a profound experience I had after 18 years of healing, teaching and meditating. 

One day, sitting in a quiet contemplative state, this "blue sphere" fell into my energy field sending vibrations throughout my body, leaving a trail of gentle light around my energy field. I observed patterns of light and frequencies in my awareness, which begun a spiritual transformation that connecting me with the sun, nature, tones, sounds and frequencies of plants.

I took a conscious dying process over 4 years as my healings became hands-on, with gentle sounds and my art for meditation expanded with Dance, Movement and Flow. I became deeply interested in Sounds, Art, Nature and Intuition and begun traveling to amazing sacred places around the world.  

In my travels, I found a connectedness with Natures 'beings' and their beautiful energy and light. Their incredible love, transformed my work, my life, my awareness and everything I understood about our world. 

Now, I use my hands, tones, plants and flower vibrations for one on one personal healing and in numbers. My meditation groups vary from lying down to gentle tones, body focus, conscious breathing, stillness exercises, dancing with tribal drums or playing mental games for transformative purposes.

I love my sacred circle formats, where people can come together, connect, have fun, transform and walk away feeling alive, free and changed! My sounds also create peace, bliss, centeredness and freedom.

I feel loved and blessed that I am given the energies of Nature for my healing work and for an open-heart connection to definitely create change in people's lives.

I love our Mother Earth, Our Beautiful Sun and the Healing that happens from NATURE. 

Can you find the fairies, shining in this picture?? 


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