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Serenity Love

Healing Centre
Balance, love and mindset

Balance, love and mindset

Our frequency is LOVE

Our frequency is LOVE

Hi I'm Yolanda!

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At Serenity Love Healing Centre, Nature is our healer. It’s our sacred space, where people come together for meditation and sacred circle healing processes or one on one services. Our place is safe and nurturing, supporting all types of healing concerns that may be impacting life or wellbeing. Our programs create a heart-opening experience for healing the mind, body and spirit in connectedness, unity, peace and LOVE.

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Serenity Love Shop promotes all things natural; Crystals, Plants, Flowers, Fresh and Artificial, Pots, Plant Stands, Fairy Statues, Bath and Body, Sprays and Natural Remedies, Incense, Candles, Handmade Greeting Cards and Unique Creations of Crystal things. Our gift shop creates energy for love, light, beauty, healing and awareness. Each of our items of crystals things are all handmade and share healing properties, inspire peace and bliss; for space, for a garden, for a person or a car mirror.

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Dear Clients,

During my years of service, you have served me greatly, by informing me of your changes and trusting my ability and insight, to help you make better decisions and make the changes you needed for your healing journey. My abilities have woken because of you! All of you, inspired me to find other ways to help heal, change and grow with the events that happened in your lives. I have learnt so much and I have explored much more than I could have asked for.

With all my Heart
Thank You.


I wasn't much of a believer, but from the moment I lay down on her table, I could tangibly feel the healing in my body. I felt a shift I've been chasing for over 20 years. Wow.

Paul Harvey
Solution Architect

Not only have you helped my family but my beloved pooch 'Bronte' (my staffy) with her Rashes and other issues she has gone through too. Her skin has never  looked better and she loves you too, very much, for your work . 

Moorean Smith

Meeting Yolanda has been a turning point in my life as I
started my metaphysical journey.  I felt straight away that she was a person of utmost integrity, endless kindness and pure truth. Thank you for your unconditional love, spiritual
wisdom and great learnings.

Anya Mackevitch

I have known Yolanda for many years, during which time she has provided me with amazing healings using a number of different modalities, all of which have facilitated magnificent life shifts and clarity. Her huge Loving heart and wonderful generous spirit have healed and guided me through many phenomenal changes both physical
and spiritual. I love Yolanda's Healing Dance, I come away full of love with an Open Heart.

Gaye Hatfield
Mother of two

Yolanda has assisted me along my journey with her Energy Healings ever since my teens back in High School. After every session I always walk away feeling lighter, filled with
love & excited about life! Thank you for all that you offer Yolanda xxx

Sarah Katsiavos
Digital Graphic Designer

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