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About Serenity Love

Our Philosophy

We believed life is about LOVE and healing, understanding what you are made of and how you can be the best you can be. Our Centre provides support and permission for Inner Transformation and for the development of a souls Journey, with a deeper connection to self, our Earth and other people.

Our vision was created from our life experiences, for health and awareness, where people could unite, connect and heal, in an environment that shares a feeling of LOVE and HOPE for change and enlightenment.

Our greatest spark of life is truth, growth, awareness and change.

Our sacred circles and meditations groups create this awareness as a collective, holding space for one another and observing “oneself” for deeper self-acceptance and self-love.

“To know oneself, is the greatest gift you can be for another”

Anyone can join our groups or retreats at Serenity LOVE, for TRUTH, for LOVE and HEALING and an Open Heart Experience of Peace and Bliss.



At Serenity Love, our Australian retreats are in Nature. Nature plays an essential part of connection, peace, relaxation and understanding. Nature brings awareness, bliss and unity when connecting with others. Building circles for consciousness, connecting in meditation, travelling to sacred places, sharing stories and aligning with love, with others, are memorable moments of growth and change. 


Govinda Valley Retreat

At Serenity Love, our retreats are organized for;

  • inner work, fun and growth
  • connecting with likeminded people
  • soaking up the energies of sacred land around the world, and/or
  • embracing our spectacular Australian Bush land
  • good food and healthy eating
  • full moon ceremonies, for change and letting go
  • dance therapy
  • meditations and group processes
  • exercises for consciousness in games or spiritual practices that are fun, enlightening and full of love.
Meditation in Nature, with others is awesome and special to me. Travelling overseas in numbers and experiencing the different cultures and beliefs, is an incredible way to grow spiritually. Each time I completed any retreat, I was a changed person. The experience of each one, is an unforgettable memory of great change and awareness. 

Here is our gallery of special moments at Serenity Love's Meditation Retreats; 

Mount Victoria Retreat


Megalong Valley Retreat




Machu Picchu






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Healing Services

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Healthy Eating

We have created a delicious range of Frozen Ready to Eat Meals, Snacks and Desserts for your convenience.

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