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Sacred Circles Meditations - THURSDAYS 7pm till 9pm

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Sacred Circles Meditations - THURSDAYS 7pm till 9pm

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THURSDAYS 7pm till 9pm


Dance as therapy, is our sacred circle. Connections are built, as we dance together through the power of unity and heart. Dance is free flow, to allow fun, freedom, play, release and surrender. 

Together our hearts unite, our love connects and our peace is shared through the freedom to JUST BE YOURSELF, which allows for letting go and the liberating feeling of Self Love. A completely judge free environment to let go, party and transform. 

At the end of our dance, participants will lay or sit in a circle format as we return to stillness and peace. Yolanda creates sounds of love, peace and healing, for our body's frequencies to relax and integrate self.

The circles are sacred and safe because we co-create them through the energies of love, compassion and connection.

"I love to dance, its one thing I have always done in my life. The ability to just let go of myself and forget the world of matter and thought (although I am conscious of my body) simply creates an energy of joy in me. I find it completely healing as a letting go experience and a state of movement meditation that I can't do without. Music opens my heart, especially when tribal beats can ground the sounds of power, for fun moves and energy to wake".



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