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One on One Online Healing - Zoom With Yolanda

Regular price$250.00 Sale price

One on One Online Healing - Zoom With Yolanda

Regular price$250.00 Sale price

Please Call Serenity Love on
4732 4031 for a Personal Face to Face booking
between 10am and 4pm Anytime.

You can make a booking with Yolanda for clearing blockages being mental or emotional, physical or spiritual. After 26 years of service, Yolanda will find a way to balance and change.

Her superpower is LOVE and her energy and healing frequency is LOVE.

"Although I am a practitioner for kinesiology, counselling, breath work and bodywork, I simply love to heal a body with the 'hands on' energy work I do. After years of study from one place to another, I found the strongest healing power in my heart, with constant meditation and connection to Mother Nature and our Sun. Now, I connect with beautiful tones, a frequency of healing love and a channel of awareness for healing and change". 

"If I am seeing you in person, I will spend some time in consultation, before you relax on the healing table where mind and body 'balance'. I will generally place my hands on and off the body, removing blockages and aligning energy patterns for greater health and relief".

"If I am consulting you online, I am using my awareness of energy, to help heal or create change. I might use sounds to pass healing energy or visual techniques to align, aware or release one from stress or trauma. Or I might simply read your energy field for clarity, healing or direction".


Once you have paid for a zoom booking, Yolanda will contact you for an appropriate time and day.


Please familiarise yourself with our shipping & delivery policy as well as to stay in touch with our times and schedules.

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