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Healing Sounds Meditations – SATURDAYS 11am till 12.30pm

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Healing Sounds Meditations – SATURDAYS 11am till 12.30pm

Regular price$30.00 Sale price
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Saturday Morning at 11am

Yolanda's Healing Sounds Meditations are created in circle formats, where people come together to share in a powerful group healing. After sitting in the healing tones for sometime, a 'peak' is reached, where a flow of sound can begin to decent into relaxation and peace. Eventually, participants can lay down and let go, experiencing the BLISS state that the healing sounds created for their inner journey.

These sounds create a symphony of HEALING tones, not just for one, but for GROUP CONSCIOUSNESS, to create love and peace for our Earth Mother and GLOBAL AWARENESS.

Our Bodies are powerful SOUNDS...everything you say, creates energy in your world, creates awareness for others and manifests programs that 'BECOME' with or without conscious awareness. By singing these tones and connecting with love energy between participants, a vibration of HEART and MIND happens. When heart and mind are connected, manifestations can be pure, real and aligned, leaving a person feeling confident and secure with life.

"I love singing these sounds. They create beautiful songs that fill my heart with light. If everyone chants together from their heart, these songs make incredible waves of healing, relaxation and trance like states (which I love the most) to let go of everything and JUST BE. It's a unique experience, which opens your heart and aligns your spirit and body. Although in saying that, I am usually floating around in BLISS for a while". Yolanda


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