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Small Crystal Spheres

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Small Crystal Spheres

Regular price$65.00 Sale price
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Excellent for balancing, protective and grounding energy, clearing energy blocks, stabilizing thoughts and ideas. Great for Healing.

Fluorite Sphere - Excellent for balancing, protective and grounding spiritual energy, clearing energy blocks, stabilizing thoughts and ideas, cleansing auras, increases intuitive abilities, connects mind to universal consciousness.

Milky Quartz Sphere – A stone of nurturing and connections, creates energy of love and lightness, a healing stone for filtering and cleansing energy, creates peace.

Lepidolite Sphere – A calming crystal with powerful mood-stabilizing properties, contains a high percentage of lithium, which is used in anti-anxiety treatments, stress reduction, peace and tranquility, soothes energetic imbalance that might be troubling your heart, mind, or soul.  

Jasper Sphere - Re-energizing the physical body, balances yin-yang energy, stabilizes the aura with grounding, releases stagnate energy and stabilizes stressful or negative situations. Known as the “supreme nurturer”.

Mookaite Sphere - Grounding, healing energies, stimulates intuition, for inner confidence, balances emotional energies of thought and feeling, releases toxic negative energy. 

Sunstone Sphere - Clears and energizes the chakras, good fortune, heightens intuition, reduces stress and increases energy, opens solar plexus for self-empowerment, self-worth, confidence and independence.

Howlite Crystals - reduces anxiety and tension, re-remember dreams, calm communication and emotional expression, healthy conflict or confrontation, reduces stress or tension, positive thinking and creativity.

Great for plants, healing energies, vibrations of peace and serenity.



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