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Shamanic Healing Tool - On Sale

Regular price$160.00 Sale price

Shamanic Healing Tool - On Sale

Regular price$160.00 Sale price

A Healing Tool, with 4 elements, created with Treated Wood, Crystals, Shells, Beads, Wool, Pendants, Resin Flowers, Butterflies and Colour Vibrations of LOVE.

Shamanic Healers - I am Four Elements, Earth, Water, Fire and Air, My ways are healing power, I Cleanse and Help with Change, I am Order, Perfection and Beauty for LOVE to open and Shine, I put a spark of Healing Light in every Heart and Mind.

I am Smokey Quartz with Jasper Pendulum in my Center, Raw Amethyst and Clear Quartz Terminators, Obsidian Tumble Stones with Rose Quartz Crystal Chips.

Natures world shines in me, I am protective Nurturing and LOVED and I will cleanse your space and keep your mind in peace, I am a healer and Earthing, I will clear old patterns of behavior and to connect you with Nature's Power with LOVE. 

Smokey Quartz - Dismisses fear, depression, nightmares, releases negativity, grounding, protects against radiation or electromagnetic energies, detoxifying, helps with digestion and emotional calmness, relieves stress and anxiety, aids concentration and assist in communication.

Jasper Crystals - Re-energizing the physical body, balances yin-yang energy, stabilizes the aura with grounding, releases stagnate energy and stabilizes stressful or negative situations. Known as the “supreme nurturer”.

Amethyst Crystals - A spiritual intuitive crystal, promotes stability and strength, wonderful for meditation and enhancing psychic abilities and understanding. Clarity and conscious perception, strengthens immune system and gland function.

Clear Quartz - A strong healing stone, spiritual growth and awareness, balance and integrity of energy, clarity, light, reflection and amplification of healing energy.

Obsidian Crystal - Cleanser for your aura and psychic protection stone, shielding you against negativity and help with the gifts of prophesy.

Rose Quartz - Promotes unconditional acceptance, love and forgiveness, purifies and opens heart, reduces stress and creates healing energy of self-love.

 Size Approximately 60cm Long x (26cm x 26cm x 26cm Triangle) Normally $200

Handmade with Love and Light. A percentage of Serenity Love Handmade Products is donated to environmental causes and Animal Welfare.

Delivery - comes in padded bubble and foam.


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