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Shamanic Healing Tool

Regular price$260.00 Sale price

Shamanic Healing Tool

Regular price$260.00 Sale price

A Healing Tool, with 4 elements, created with Treated Wood, Crystals, Shells, Beads, Wool, Pendants, Resin Flowers, Butterflies and Colour Vibrations of LOVE.

Shamanic Healers - I am Four Elements, Earth, Water, Fire and Air, My ways are healing power, I Cleanse and Help with Change, I am Order, Perfection and Beauty for LOVE to open and Shine, I put a spark of Healing Light in every Heart and Mind.

I am Jade Sphere Center with Clear Quartz Terminators with Citrine and Obsidian Tumble Stone Crystals. 

I am Loved by Natures light, I am a powerful healing pattern. I will open a heart with love and ground you in your skin, I will open abundance, I bring joy and friendship to, and heal old connections for you, I help you trust your heart for your life path. 

Jade Crystal - A protective stone, brings harmony, attracts good luck and friendships, stabilizes personality and promotes self-sufficiency, balances the mind, releasing negative thoughts.

Clear Quartz - A strong healing stone, spiritual growth and awareness, balance and integrity of energy, clarity, light, reflection and amplification of healing energy.

Citrine Crystals - Increases intuition and creativity, manifestation and abundance, wealth and prosperity, happiness and joy, encourages self-esteem, positive energy and confidence, releases negative energies.

Obsidian Crystal - Cleanser for your aura and psychic protection stone, shielding you against negativity and help with the gifts of prophesy.

 Size Approximately 60cm Long x (35cm x 35cm x 35cm Triangle)

Handmade with Love and Light. A percentage of Serenity Love Handmade Products is donated to environmental causes and Animal Welfare.

Delivery - comes in padded bubble and foam.


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