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Hanging Lavender Bottle

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Hanging Lavender Bottle

Regular price$30.00 Sale price
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1st Design
A piece of wood, from the Blue Mountains, attached a bottle of lavender arrangement with crystals inside. 3 - 5 small flowers hang around the outside of the bottle with beads and a large flower attached to the wood. Every one of them are slightly different because you can't get two the same in nature. Made for Art and Natures Energies and to hang around my plants. 
Bottles are 20cm Long.

2nd Design
3 Bottles hanging on a rope of leafy vines, with flowers and starts and hearts.
Each bottle has an arrangement of Lavender, flowers and crystals inside. 

Made for Art and Natures Energies. 
Approximately 120cm Long

Made with Love and Light. My packaging is recycled goods. A percentage of Serenity Love Handmade Products is donated to Environmental Causes and Animal Welfare.


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