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Emerlad Ripple Peperomia

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Emerlad Ripple Peperomia

Regular price$15.00 Sale price

The emerald ripple peperomia, is a species of flowering plant in the family Piperaceae, native to Brazil. It is a mound-forming evergreen perennial growing to 20 cm tall and wide, with corrugated heart-shaped leaves, and narrow spikes of white flowers 5–8 cm long, in summer.

Soil & Transplanting. If you want to grow your Emerald Ripple as a houseplant, it’s best to use normal potting soil for succulents. Needs plenty of air around the roots, a relatively loose soil is a good idea.  

Easy-care plants like ripple peperomia  tolerate sometimes less-than-optimum indoor environments, according to North Carolina State Extension Gardener. With their interesting colors and leaf shapes, Peperomia add interest to your indoor landscape.

Water more often during the growing seasons. It sprouts and blooms flowers around spring till the end of the fall season. Be careful not to wet the rosette since it’ll begin to rot. Instead, just water the topsoil and leave it to dry out completely. Easy Care.


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