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Crystal Garden - On Sale

Regular price$230.00 Sale price

Crystal Garden - On Sale

Regular price$230.00 Sale price

This Crystal Garden has an Amethyst Cluster, A Chevron Amethyst Terminator, a Citrine Cluster, A Rose Quartz Terminator Point and Carnelian Point, with a tree and Amethyst  Crystal Chips. The energy it creates is peace, power, love and light.

Amethyst Crystals - A spiritual intuitive crystal, promotes stability and strength, wonderful for meditation and enhancing psychic abilities and understanding. Clarity and conscious perception, strengthens immune system and gland function.

Citrine Crystals - Increases intuition and creativity, manifestation and abundance, wealth and prosperity, happiness and joy, encourages self-esteem, positive energy and confidence, releases negative energies.

Rose Quartz - Promotes unconditional acceptance, love and forgiveness, purifies and opens heart, reduces stress and creates healing energy of self-love.

Carnelian Crystals – Stabilizes emotional energy, vitality and motivation, stimulates creativity. Promotes courage, promotes positive energy for success. Boosts fertility and stimulates sexuality.

Approximately 23cm Tall x 16cm Diameter. Normally $250

Handmade with LOVE and Light by Yolanda.

A percentage of Serenity love's Handmade products is donated to Earth's Environmental Causes and Animal Welfare. 

Delivery - comes in foam to ensure glass security. 


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