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Yolanda's Story

As a child, I saw fairies, up until I was around 16. As I integrated into adulthood, and experienced emotional pain, I lost sight of Nature's world and decided that my visions were merely experiences of my mind, in childhood play. At the age of 19, I began searching, for what my experiences may have been, as I felt that 'missing something' in my life. Natures world filled my heart with joy, an experience beyond this reality that one could not explain. I had many strange encounters that left me baffled, without awareness, opening many questions through life!

Finding Answers
These experiences begun a massive search to find answers in Religions, Science, Hermetics, Biology, Mythology (The Ancient Cultures), Human History and ‘The Kabbalah’ (The Human Energy Tree).


I went searching for truth because I wanted to really know, who we are! In my quest to know, I discovered the healing power of “spiritual energy” and begun working with people in the art of ‘opening my own heart’ and understanding life through the mirror of others. I began the study of chakras via ‘metaphysics’ and ‘meditation’ and I was able to open my healing abilities and understand a human body as a ‘frequency of powerful Love’.

In my version, I went on to recreate my own unique styles of meditation practices and courses for metaphysical studies and personal development. I found it completely valuable and wanted to understand our unique energy field and how to manage it as a powerhouse of emotions, feelings, knowing’s and awareness’s.

I became to understand the body on all levels of awareness, being Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual in my own healing as I developed my connection to truth. 

Life Path Process
I completed practitioner levels of training and trained others to facilitate my courses and I opened my first healing/meditation school, “InnerLight Journey’s Healing Centre” in Penrith. For years, I continued to find knowledge which connected me with various styles and unique ways to release stored blockages from a Body, which led me to 'Sacred Sounds'. I created CD’s for Inner Journey Meditations and Crystal Bowls Sound Healings. I opened my second school in Parramatta and also Balmain, for those that were travelling interstate for my healing work.


I am a practitioner for Spiritual Healing and Counselling, Bodywork, Breathwork and Kinesiology. I was also a facilitator for “Touch for Health Kinesiology” for stay home mums in alternative healing and taught and learnt online for S.O.L.A.R, “A Collapse Process” for them wanting to find more spiritual balance in this systematic working world.

For me, the greatest spark of life is truth, growth, awareness and change. I found that in meditation, prayer, connection, teaching, healing, observing and lots of study to understand human nature. I wanted to know myself and understand how life works, as I felt like I was here for greater things and I just wanted to help.

Although, I had already achieved all this and I felt loved by the people around me and loved the fact that I was able to help others and my life was meaningful, I still felt that something was seriously missing!

An Awakening Experience and Life Change
At 38 years old, one night after work, sitting in a quiet contemplative state, a powerful “Blue Light” sphere appeared in my aura. This 'Blue Sphere', with a deep sounding HUM, just fell into my energy field. I felt afraid and a little overwhelmed as I was unable to make any sense of it. I listened carefully as the HUM sent vibrations throughout my brain and my energy body went through a connection process of realignment and rebalancing. I felt myself change immediately as this sphere disconnected from my crown, disappeared into the night skies. It left a trail of gentle blue light through and around my aura and begun to open my awareness and heightened my senses like never before.

From this moment, I took a conscious dying process. I watched skins fall away from my body overnight in the constant changing program I was undergoing. I watched myself leave, exiting this planet through 4 vortexes or tunnels of lights and ended up in this galaxy of thousands of blissful, peaceful sparkles of blue lights. The most amazing spiritual experience of my time. In this place, I forgot myself as a body and forgot Earthly life as I floated around in this bliss of lights. I was merely consciousness. In moments, I understood real LOVE but I knew my heart was being asked to return. I resisted as much as I could, holding my consciousness in that light until I was back in my body again. Upon entry back in, I rejected matter, life and a body as any truth and cried for the next 3 years, like a cruel joke was played on my life to show me such love that was nowhere to be seen in Mother Earth. After this, I yearned to go home, back to that place of love. 

A Change of Consciousness
My spiritual connection expanding from the world of human bodies to our Earth, our Sun and a greater awareness of our Galaxy, as I ventured into other worlds.  I began a series of visions and inner travel through a connection with higher 'beings' who showed me many things about Mother Earth and realigned my connection to Elementals. I observed patterns of light and heard songs and sounds that simply transformed my awareness. I felt a deep connection to Mother Earth as I observed the world of elementals. Sounds opened my voice and heart as I merged with natures trees and plants. The interests of my awareness, completely transformed, my healings became hands on with sounds and everything else that I could no longer do, just fell away quickly with the growing sensitivities of my Energy Body. I became deeply interested in my visions, patterns of Natures Light, art and LOVE, as though, my left brain had completely switched itself to my right brain and everything became deeply intuitive.

This enlightenment process created a passion to understand NATURE and inspired retreats to sacred places for meditation and connection around the Blue Mountain areas and overseas retreats to Egypt, Tibet, Machu Picchu, Peru, Nepal, Vietnam and Cambodia. I also spent personal time in search for LOVE and Truth in India, with Master Sai Baba. I transformed my healing centre by changing its name to reflect more of the new person I had become and recreated “Serenity Love Healing Centre” in Penrith.

In my travels, I discovered natures healing light. I was able to connect and heal myself, open my chakra system and merge with natures beautiful sounds. Its sounds are Love, Healing, Transformative and Peaceful.    

New Life
After 6 years of travel and connection to our beautiful world, I began to withdraw. I had spent 20 years of my time healing others and my heart had opened greatly. The more I merged with the Love in Nature, the harder it became to share my time and energy with others. In my desperate plea to understand this change, I disconnected from people for 4 years, trying to get some understanding about this connection? I was changing so much, like a new soul, even in my personal life, my heart simply changed as I connected with Mother Earth.

Over time, I became a channel for what I call “The Blue Ray” as I understood that it was a connected to LOVE, TRUTH and HEALING. It was a difficult journey!! 

Now, I channel sounds and songs for healing and I am able to hold presence and mirror that frequency of love for change, peace and transformation. I use my heart energy in a dance format to create joy, bliss, fun and peace for transformative purposes and I connect with natures elements and its “lifeforce” and share 'sounds of love' in the Channel of The Blue Ray. I am still growing and understanding more of how it works for my everyday living.

I’ve always believed that “Miracles Can Happen” and that I was born to help in some way. In my deep yearning to be CONSCIOUS and follow my own heart, I simply entered the searching path but ever since the connection to the Blue Sphere, I stopped searching. It brings a feeling of Divine LOVE and Peace into my heart and I love working with its Energy.

Today “Serenity Love Healing Centre” is a result of that change, where I work with Nature for Healing in group formats for LOVE, Connection, Awareness, Fun, Dance, Freedom, Laughter, Presence and Peace. 

I LOVE 'The Blue Ray' and the Elementals of our Earth and I am GRATEFUL for the healing ability.


Serenity Love Healing Centre.






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